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September 13-14, 2019 – Dallas, TX

Orthopreneuers Summit 2019

Breathe Easier

The 2018 OrthoPreneurs Summit was a huge success with 300+ in attendance. The buzz from the meeting was so positive that over 200 doctors pre-registered for the 2019 meeting in less than a week. We expect the 2019 meeting to double in size from the 2018 as we have added a dedicated staff track, organized events for spouses, and even more great speakers. As a sponsor, you will have an opportunity to enhance existing relationships in a collegial atmosphere and make valuable new connections with younger, vibrant leaders in Orthodontics who want to take their practices to new heights.

We designed the meeting with presentations that will appeal not only to orthodontists, but other clinicians with whom you want to build lasting relationships. So if you’ve been waiting for a meeting where you could bring a pediatric or GP friend with whom you’d like to develop a better working relationship, this is it. They will thank you for the business and clinical information they will get, and your team will come away excited after hearing the speakers we have for them. To be clear: Anyone other than orthodontists can only be invited by an orthodontist.

We are also really excited to tell you about the epic speaker lineup. Of course, you’ve already been told to expect surprises, but here’s who we have so far, with a great mix of airway, business, HR and marketing:

Doctor’s Track:

  • Dr. Rebecca Bockow
  • Dr. Audrey Yoon
  • Dr. Mike Gunsen
  • Dr. Cole Johnson
  • Dr. Marianna Evans
  • Dr. Sean Carlson
  • Dr. Won Moon
  • Joe Hirsch
  • Tim Twigg
  • Dr. Nicole Wax
  • Dr. JT Thomas
  • David Harris
  • Christine Cashen


Team Track:

  • Andrea Cook
  • Dr. Kyle Fagala
  • Claude Silver
  • Dr. Cole Johnson
  • Dr. Amanda Gallagher
  • Dr. Dovi Prero
  • Dr. Glenn Krieger
  • LeeAnn Peniche (Also a TC breakout)
  • Adrienne Twigg
  • Dr. Christopher Feldman
  • Dr. Stuart Frost


The hotel has not yet been named but it will be in Dallas, TX on September 13-14, 2019.

Have any questions about OrthoPreneurs 2019? Please contact us and we will be happy to help!